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Car Transport London

When you’re looking to employ a car transport services company in the capital, you want the firm you use to be able to deliver your vehicle both safely and on time. With our fleet of transport trucks, we’re able to pick up your vehicle from a London location of your choosing and provide safe car delivery to your intended destination. Regardless of whether you’re an auto-trade professional, a car dealership or a private customer, we’ve absolutely got you covered.

When answering the question about why you should use our car transport London services, we point to the fact that we’re not just discreet, but also totally professional in everything we do. You’ve only got to look at just some of our unbiased customer reviews to see how we dedicate ourselves to providing complete transparency and ensuring the whole process is stress-free according to plan.

The great reputation we’ve built for ourselves over the years as one of the best vehicle transport providers in London is the result of delivering absolute customer satisfaction while also treating the vehicles with the same care as if they were our own.

Car Transport London

So, whether you’re looking to move a high-value prestige car or a regular saloon model, we’ve got the experience, expertise and equipment needed to get the job done with the minimum of fuss. All this and you can rely on us to offer this great service for a reasonable price.

A Fully Equipped Service

Like most transport companies, we get asked to transport a wide range of sizes and models of vehicle, something that has helped us develop many long-term client relationships.

The excellent service we provide is made possible thanks to the fully equipped fleet that’s available for our car transport team to use.

There are three different methods we use to transport your vehicle, which include:

Open Trailer Transport

The first car transportation method used that’s ideal for heavier vehicles is our open trailer car transport service. Regardless of whether you’re moving a used or new car in this way, it’s a great option for the vast majority of vehicle types.

With its 18ft x 7ft trailer deck and a max weight capacity of 2500kg, our open-trailer is a popular choice with our London business clients.

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Car Recovery London
Car recovery London
Car recovery London

Beavertail Transport

When the car that needs to be transported is a smaller one (up to 1200kg), our beavertail transport option is a particularly cost-effective option.

Easy to load and unload, it allows us to make light work of safely moving most types of small hatchback vehicles to their intended destination. Another popular option with our clients across the capital.

Enclosed Car Transport Services

The third option offered as part of our car transport services is enclosed car transport, which is the ideal choice when you’re needing to transport a prestige vehicle from point A to point B.

As the name suggests, enclosed car transport provides cover against the elements, so that your pride and joy gets to where it’s going in pristine condition.

As a seasoned car transportation company, we've carried out hundreds of successful car delivery service jobs over the years, so whether you're in need of open, beavertail or enclosed car transportation services for a single car or more, we’d love to hear from you. Our highly-trained, fully-insured team is always available to provide competitive car transport quotes for any kind of job, so make sure you make that call!

Preparing For Car Transport

Our transport company team is always completely focused on treating every single car with the utmost care when providing our car transportation services. Before loading your vehicle onto our car transporter, we carry out a walkaround inspection so that the condition of the vehicle can be ascertained before the journey starts.

Checking for Dents, Scratches & Holes

Before loading up for car transportation, we’ll ask you to come with us as we walk around your car to check for any dents, scratches and holes.

This is documented for future reference, both for our customers and ourselves, as we want you to know that it’s an aspect that we won’t ever leave to chance. It’s what any reliable car transport company would do.

There are also a number of things that you can do to help us. Here are just a few jobs you should be looking to do to ensure that your vehicle is ready for car transport.

Car Recovery London
Roadside assistance London
Breakdown recovery London
Vehicle recovery London

Make Sure Your Car Is Washed

While it’s always nice to have a gleaming vehicle, our first suggestion does not relate to making your car look fantastic for its journey.

Washing your vehicle is always a good idea before car transportation, particularly when talking about prestige cars, as dust and dirt can easily conceal any dents, scratches and bumps that might be there.

With clean paintwork, it will be that much easier to spot any damage both when it’s being loaded and during car delivery at the other end.

We have the expertise and equipment to deal with:

Vehicle breakdown recovery

Car delivery

Car transport

Scrap cars recovery service

Wrong fuel


Tyre change/flat tyre

New & used car delivery

Auction motorcycle transport

Breakdown assistance

Servicing tasks

Battery jump start

Remove Loose Clutter from Inside

Whether we like to admit it or not, most of us have lots of what could be described as clutter inside our cars. However careful the car transport professional is, there's a certain amount of jostling and bumping around on the journey until the vehicle arrives on the car transporter at the car delivery destination point.

This means that any loose items you might have inside should be removed prior to transport or they could get tossed around and damage the interior.

Disengage Your Alarm

When making use of our car transport company services, we’d also recommend that you disable any alarms that you have on your car.

You really don’t have to worry about your car’s welfare when it’s in our care, so having it on isn’t necessary. Plus, not only can leaving yours on end up draining your battery, but it’s also something that could end up making the journey unpleasant for the professional drivers you use.

Don’t Fill Your Tank!

Our car transport team will be loading your automobile onto the back of one of our vehicles, meaning that you don’t have to fill up your petrol tank in preparation.

While we would suggest having no petrol inside prior to travel, it is recommended to keep it to a minimum, as it makes your vehicle heavier, which can present an increased risk on your car’s journey.

Check Your Tire Pressures

Another factor that some people forget is the need to have the correct tyre pressure on the car that’s being transported.

Despite the fact your car is not going to be driven by the car transport London company you use, incorrect pressures can make the vehicle less stable on the back of the car transporter and result in tyre damage during loading/unloading - something that’s easily avoided with a quick check.

Lock Your Car Up Securely

After your car has been successfully loaded on the back of one of our trucks, we’d strongly recommend that you lock your car securely.

Until the car transport is complete and delivery is made, there is absolutely no reason why the car should be opened, so locking it makes sense. Theft from truck-loaded vehicles is uncommon, but not unheard of, so make sure that you do the sensible thing.

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